Our Work in the Inland Valleys

Amidst a militarized border region, rife with vigilante justice, white supremacists and anti-sanctuary action, our role is to organize faith communities to defend the dignity and human rights of immigrants.

  • We work with nine congregations and dozens of volunteers to raise awareness of the plight of immigrants in the region.
  • In 2018, our volunteers accompanied thirty immigrants in crisis, providing moral, physical, logistical and sometimes financial support as families face court appointments, detention and deportation.
  • We sponsor and support people seeking asylum from human rights violations in their home countries.
  • We host quarterly prayer vigils at the notorious Adelanto detention facility, to shine a light on the abuses and give voice to the stories of those who are imprisoned there.
  • We visit frightened immigrants who have been detained at the Adelanto detention facility.
  • Last year, we raised money to release ten detained immigrants on bond.
  • We engage college students to work with us.

Recent successes

We saved Rufino’s foot. Rufino Ortuño Benítez was held in detention in Adelanto, where he was denied medical treatment. His foot was so badly infected that it would have been amputated, if we hadn’t helped his wife make her case public and win media attention to get him released. In the hospital, they saved his foot.

We freed Rony and Derwin. These two young Honduran men came to the US seeking asylum. We assembled a team of volunteers who provided advocacy, financial assistance and emotional support as they won their freedom. They now have housing and support as they seek asylum through the legal system.

Be Part of our Immigrant Faith Accompaniment Collaborative!

Join our organizing meetings that support immigrant justice in the Inland Valleys

IM4Human Integrity is a partner of the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice and together we advocate on pro immigrant policies and legislation at the local, state and federal level.


  • Create an immigrant support team in your congregation that responds to unique immigration family crisis
  • Form an accompaniment team for a specific family that has a loved one in detention and provide immigrant support and accompaniment
  • Form a visitations team that will visit immigrant detainees to help end their isolation and let them know they are not forgotten.

Public Witness and Advocacy

  • Lead and or participate in quarterly prayer vigils that bring public presence to the detention center while uplifting immigrant stories that advocate for pro- immigrant policies.
  • One-Day Accompaniment to support on individual cases to “pack the court” at Adelanto Immigration Court Hearings.

Advocacy and Action for Immigrant Justice

Our Immigrant Justice work takes place in the Inland Valleys, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  We conduct our immigration work in collaboration with the  Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, where we serve on the Steering Committee.  We specifically organize to engage faith leaders and congregations to be true to their faith traditions which call us to love our neighbors and to welcome the immigrant. This year we have engaged in public witness and actions to denounce the raids and deportations of Central American families affected by the extreme violence, poverty and impunity in their homelands-affecting the children and youth in a particular way.  We have also been involved in efforts to close Adelanto Detention Facility, a private prison for immigrants, in San Bernardino County, which houses close to 2000 detainees held for immigration violations, and has been plagued by human rights violations and poor medical care, which has led to several preventable deaths.

Education and Leadership Development:

We are available to conduct presentations and foster the leadership development of Spanish-speaking immigrant congregations on the following topics:

  • Immigration and how we can put our faith in action
  • Know Your Rights
  • Medical and Health Access
  • Driver license preparation
  • Worker’s rights
  • DACA
  • Immigration processes
  • Citizenship, Voting and the Democratic Process

We are also available to conduct educational presentations for a wide variety of congregations that help build understanding, partnership, solidarity and action between immigrants and non-immigrants, addressing the following topics:

  • Root Causes of Migration
  • Sanctuary Movement Today
  • Faith Communities Supporting Migrants Today

We also partner and work closely with the Inland Valley chapter of the NAACP, and the Latino/a Round table of Pomona Valley.