September, Richmond: Report on the conditions at West County Detention Facility

This year Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity along with Freedom for Immigrants and formerly detained individuals worked to create a report on the conditions at the West County Detention Facility in Richmond, California.  This report was created to draw light to the horrific conditions of  isolation and encourage that the facility be closely monitored for inhumane treatment.

For the past 7 years Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity has been visiting the detention facility and hosting vigils outside the walls to remind those detained that we are with them.  Through these vigils we have met with many family members of the detained and worked on their release.

In July 2018, Contra Costa Sherriff’s Office decided to end its contract with West County Detention Facility and I.C.E. after reports of human and civil rights violations. Following the termination of this contract the Immigrant Defenders Research Group (IDRG) conducted this participatory research project.

2018 West County Detention Facility Report – Richmond CA – download PDF