U.S. Faith Leaders Call for Protection & Safe Passage of Honduran Caravans

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As news that caravans of Honduran migrants are setting off from Honduras, traveling through Guatemala and Mexico on their way to the United States, we as US people of faith affirm their right to travel safely and seek protection.  Rooted in our faith traditions that call for the protection of human life and values of hospitality, compassion and solidarity with the poor, migrant and marginalized, we call on the US, Guatemalan and Mexican governments to allow all migrants to safely pursue their rights to protection, asylum and due process under international law. It is our faith traditions that call us to welcome the migrant and to treat them not as the “other” but the face of God . We are also called to take co-responsibility for our brothers and sisters as so many faith communities and shelters in Guatemala and Mexico are doing as we speak.  Read more here