Southern California/Inland Valley:

Southern California/Inland Valley:


Advocacy and Action for Immigrant Justice:  Our Immigrant Justice work takes place in the Inland Valleys, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.  We conduct our immigration work in collaboration with the  Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice, where we serve on the Steering Committee.  We specifically organize to engage faith leaders and congregations to be true to their faith traditions which call us to love our neighbors and to welcome the immigrant. This year we have engaged in public witness and actions to denounce the raids and deportations of Central American families affected by the extreme violence, poverty and impunity in their homelands-affecting the children and youth in a particular way.  We have also been involved in efforts to close Adelanto Detention Facility, a private prison for immigrants,  in San Bernardino County, which houses close to 2000 detainees held for immigration violations, and has been plagued by human rights violations and poor medical care, which has led to several preventable deaths.  


Education and Leadership Development:

We are available to conduct presentations and foster the leadership development of spanish-speaking immigrant congregations on the following topics:


  • Immigration and how we can put our faith in action
  • Know Your Rights
  • Medical and Health Access
  • Driver license preparation
  • Worker’s rights
  • DACA
  • Immigration processes
  • Citizenship, Voting and the Democratic Process

We are also available to conduct educational presentations for a wide variety of congregations that help build understanding, partnership, solidarity and action between immigrants and non-immigrants, addressing the following topics:

  • Root Causes of Migration
  • Sanctuary Movement Today
  • Faith Communities Supporting Migrants Today                                            


We also partner and work closely with the Inland Valley chapter

r of the NAACP, and the Latino/a Round table of Pomona Valley.  

Mass Incarceration or Mass Criminalization -(WHICH TITLE ARE WE USING)?


As people of faith we are called to take a hard look at our communities and question why does California have so many jails, detention centers and prisons compared to higher learning institutions?  Our faith rooted organizing has led us to look at the many root causes of the problem; race in America, the war on drugs, for-profit detention, lack of mental institutions and the incarceration of the poor, the homeless and the immigrant.


Our faith values lead us to question the growing range of penal punishments and controls  that will never go away, from probation and parole, felon disenfranchisement, and extensive lifetime restrictions with no full citizenship rights.  Through our mass incarceration program, Justice not Jails,  we supply needed theological grounding for faith community engagement through education and advocacy. The work with our allies provide us many opportunities to effectively change legislation that truly reflect our faith values and will transform our communities.


This year we have been working in collaboration with the Drug Policy Alliance to inform and engage faith leaders in the engaging lawmakers to vote to pass SB 443 (Civil Asset Forfeiture) to curb practices of “policing for profit” that disproportionately harm both the immigrant and low income families and neighborhoods.