Justice Not Jails: Letter from a Birmingham Jail

A Special Justice Not Jails Meeting!

Feb. 4th | 7- 8:30 pm PST

In honor of Black History month and following up on our Radical King, Prophetic Faith theme, we will be having a special JNJ meeting this month. Our start time this meeting will be at 7 pm and we are extending the invitation to IM4HI leaders across the state!

Please join us for a deep study and discussion of Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” one of our “sacred texts.” This piece was specifically written to the religious community who were criticizing his efforts. Reverend Dr. Larry Foy will co-lead us in this discussion and reflection. Let’s uncover together the ways this piece can shape and nourish our organizing today and empower us in this political moment. If you are attending, please pre-read this monumental piece here before we re-gather.

We will be joined by speakers from our previous event, and will enjoy small group discussions as we take a deep dive into the text!