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Thank you for believing in our mission and making our mission your mission. Together, we have achieved monumental goals. In the Bay Area, after years of public witness and vigils we have worked to close the West County Detention Facility. In Southern California, we are preparing for our first Justice Not Jails winter conference and in the Inland Valleys we have established accompaniment teams to visit the Adelanto Detention Facility. None of these accomplishments could have happened without you. These are more than victories of today but  victories that will impact generations of families. Together we can continue to change lives.

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Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity | 310 W. 8th St. Ste 310., Oakland, CA 94607

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Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.  Your tax deductible contribution is greatly appreciated.  You received no services or any favors for your gift. Our tax id is 91-2076672.

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