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Angel De Jesus Benito Santos is a beloved father & community member who has been detained in Aurora ICE facility for 3+ yrs. & separated thousands of miles from his loved ones. @ICEgov must release Angel to the care of his family & community! #FreeAngel #100DaysforFreedom ... See MoreSee Less
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5 years ago, Honduran Indigenous and environmental rights trailblazer Berta Cáceres was murdered for her activism. Cáceres devoted her life to the struggle for human rights & environmental protection. Her legacy lives on in the communities she impacted & the leaders she inspired.

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  • No One Was Born to be in Bondage: The IM4HI Vision of Abolition
    By: Reverend Deborah Lee & Cecilia Vasquez Today at protests you might see signs like Abolish ICE, Abolish Police, Abolish Prisons.  Abolition is a word that makes people uncomfortable.  It is controversial, today and historically when it referred to the abolition of slavery, a movement that at its founding was anchored by faith inspired activists […]
  • Welcome, Charles Joseph
    I was an organizing leader on the inside, and I am eager to do all I can to further the movement to free all my brothers and sisters from the prison industrial complex and civil detention by ICE. Charles Joseph, IM4HI 2021 Spiritual Activist in Residence Charles Robert Joseph is IM4HI’s new Spiritual Activist in […]
  • Why Practice Faith-Rooted Organizing?
    by Cecilia Vasquez, Communications Manager, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity “I do not think of political power as an end.  Neither do I think of economic power as an end.  They are ingredients in the objective that we seek in life.  And I think that the end of that objective is a truly brotherly (and […]
  • Justice Not Jails: Letter from a Birmingham Jail
    A Special Justice Not Jails Meeting! Feb. 4th | 7- 8:30 pm PST In honor of Black History month and following up on our Radical King, Prophetic Faith theme, we will be having a special JNJ meeting this month. Our start time this meeting will be at 7 pm and we are extending the invitation […]
  • Cautious Optimism as Immigrant Rights Groups Embrace Possibilities in Biden Immigration Plan
    For Immediate Release: January 25, 2021Contact: Jose Servin,, 714-728-2520 Nationwide – On the first week of office, the Biden administration released a memo placing a limited moratorium on deportations for 100 days. This, accompanied by a list of immigration related executive orders aimed at rolling back destructive Trump-era policies, comes as much-needed relief for […]

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