Public Policy Action Campaigns

Current Campaigns

Why We Campaign

Sacred texts call us to welcome migrants with acts of hospitality, and to free the prisoners.

As people of faith across diverse traditions, we believe we share a common humanity, even with those who have made mistakes; that they too have families, are part of our communities, and are worthy of opportunities for rehabilitation and redemption. Our core values teach us that everyone deserves justice, compassion, human rights and humane treatment, regardless of the color of their skin, their immigration status, or their worst action. 

The US has the world’s largest immigration detention system which is part of the world’s largest prison system. Policies of incarceration and detention harm children, separate families, and dehumanize people each day. We call for approaches that dismantle root causes, promote rehabilitation, increase public accountability and oversight, and heal the breaches in our society. 

We campaign to end the punishment framework of the carceral system, and to shift criminal justice dollars towards rehabilitation and public safety based on human needs such as housing, education, healthcare, mental health support and meaningful employment to all. We advocate for policies to protect those targeted by ICE detention, deportation and other anti-immigrant policies.

Past Campaigns

Here are some of the policies we have worked on:

  • Justice Not Jails — Reform LA Jails (March 2020)
  • CA Trust Act
  • Domestic Workers Bill of Rights Stopping jail expansion of West Co. Detention Facility
  • Phone justice for inmates and detainees at West Co. Detention Facility
  • Separation of ICE from local law enforcement
  • Protecting Sanctuary City Policies
  • Funding and support to address newly arrived unaccompanied minors and families
  • Sanctuary Movement to Stop Deportations

More Past Campaigns

Ending Incarceration and Detention

  • Ending for-profit private prisons and detention centers in CA 
  • Preventing building of new Child Detention Facility in Inland Empire
  • Ending the immigration detention at West County Detention Facility in Northern California
  • Stopping jail expansions:  the LA Men’s Jail, West County Detention Facility, relocation of the LA Women’s Jail

Deportation Defense

  • CA Trust ACT to limit police-ICE collaboration
  • Cambodian Pardons Campaign
  • Defending Sanctuary City Policies

Public Accountability

  • Establishing the Civilian Oversight committee of the LA Sheriff
  • CA Truth ACT for transparency of Sheriff-ICE collaboration

Creating Community Alternatives to Immigration Detention 

  • Creating a Sanctuary network of accompaniment teams and housing hospitality for those fighting deportation
  • Post Release Accompaniment Program at West County Detention Facility