Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity coordinates the following programs in California to walk alongside people targeted by the immigration system:

Friends Afuera: Letter Writing & Commissary Donation

Friends Afuera is an IM4HI program that connects volunteers with immigrants in ICE detention facilities in California. 

To sign up for the program, email the Friends Afuera Coordinator:

Letter Writing:

Immigrants in detention are isolated from the community and their families. Through writing letters monthly, we hope you learn about the conditions within detention centers, make a friendship with an immigrant, and grow as an advocate to release them and close detention centers. Currently, we write letters to immigrants in Adelanto and Mesa Verde Detention Centers. 

Watch Video Tutorial: Letter Writing

Commissary Donation: 

Each detained immigrant has an individual commissary account that family and friends can deposit money; they depend on this money to buy necessities such as phone calls, legal print documents, toiletries, and more.  We ask that you send a monthly donation of the suggested amount of $30 – $60 a month (or whatever amount you can afford).

Watch Video Tutorial: Commissary Deposits

Additional Friends Afuera Resources:

Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams (NEAT)

NEAT Celebration, February 2020. Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams celebrating a year together

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity’s Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team (NEAT) program trains San Francisco Bay Area congregations to form a team to walk alongside recently arrived immigrants for six months to a year. The teams support the immigrants’ self-sufficiency by introducing them to local resources. By working toward families’ goals together, we create a sanctuary, safety, and friendship in the community. Deciding as a congregation to accompany a family is a discernment. We hope these materials are helpful in your decision-making progress.

  1. Review the team requirements to learn about forming an accompaniment team.
  2. To invite people from within your congregation to join the accompaniment team, adapt and share this sample
  3. Watch our introductory video tutorial (17 minutes) about the NEAT program structure. NEAT Model and Team Roles
  4. Get trained! Contact Kelly Younger, NEAT Coordinator, at to get connected and get started! All our trainings are currently held online.

Additional NEAT Resources:

  • Read stories about the connection that congregations have made with immigrants in their community: NEAT Stories
  • View video: “From Root Causes to Sanctuary” to learn about the accompaniment of a family and a congregation.

Contact our Nueva Esperanza Coordinator, Kelly Younger, at with any questions or for more information.