Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity coordinates the following programs in California to walk alongside people targeted by the immigration system:

  • Nueva Esperanza – for the newly arrived immigrant
  • Friends Afuera – writing letters to the detained
  • Detainee Visitation – at Adelanto Detention Facility

Accompany Newly Arrived Immigrants

First Congregational Church of Palo Alto, Accompaniment

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity’s Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team (NEAT) program trains congregations to form an accompaniment team to walk alongside recently arrived immigrants. The teams support the immigrants’ self-sufficiency by introducing them to local resources. By working toward families’ goals together, we create sanctuary, safety, and friendship in community.

Over the past five years, we have trained 260 volunteers, who have formed 50 teams, to accompany 150 families and individuals.

If your faith community is interested in getting involved in our Nueva Esperanza program:

  1. Review these introductory materials to learn more:
  2. Excited to accompany a recently arrived family? Start recruiting from your congregation?
    • Review the Nueva Esperanza team requirements  
    • Share this Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team Recruitment Flyer to recruit within your congregation to form a team of five.
  3. Anyone interested in participating or learning more should register for and attend our next Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team training, held 2x/year

Contact the Nueva Esperanza Coordinator, Kelly Younger, at with any questions or for more information.

Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams celebrating a year together

You may also wish to support the Nueva Esperanza Preschool, founded in 2015 for children of the indigenous Mam culture from Guatemala, by an Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity Nueva Esperanza team in Oakland, CA.

Letter Writing & Monthly Donation


Friends Afuera (Friends Outside) is a program which connects volunteers with immigrants being held in detention by ICE. Many detained immigrants face isolation as a consequence of their unjust incarceration, separation from family, and the potential for indefinite and prolonged detention. By becoming a friend on the outside, you can help be a community of support with those incarcerated.

We support immigrants in the following detention centers:

  • Adelanto, CA
  • Mesa Verde in Bakersfield CA
  • Yuba, CA
  • Aurora, CO
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Cibola, NM

Want to learn more? Read these Friends Afuera Stories about past participants and volunteers.

Anyone interested in participating in Friends Afuera or learning more should register for and attend our next accompaniment training, held 2x/year.

Photo of Fe y Justicia visitation volunteers
Fe y Justicia visitation volunteers

Inland Empire: Adelanto Detention Facility

The main purpose of visiting immigrants in detention is to help end their isolation and let them know they are not forgotten. This calling requires pastoral work of presence where you are invited to show up, pay attention and listen deeply.  It is humbling work where prayers and stories are shared, connections made and decisions taken by those impacted, to achieve the best possible outcome for the detainee and the family. The mission of visitation is to walk with the detained person and connect them to resources that will contribute to their release.

Accompaniment Teams

  • Create an immigrant support team in your congregation that responds to unique immigration family crisis
  • Form an accompaniment team for a specific family that has a loved one in detention and provide immigrant support and accompaniment
  • Form a visitations team that will visit immigrant detainees to help end their isolation and let them know they are not forgotten.

Please contact Hilda Cruz,