By supporting Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, you are growing a statewide faith-rooted organizing network that seeks to end detention, end mass incarceration, and engage people of faith to stand up against the biggest challenges of the day. You help us restore dignity, honor all families, and welcome people home. With you, we can create a world without bars and borders.

Thank you for standing with us!

IM4HI works to reunite families, accompany immigrants, assure that private prisons and detention centers come to an end in California, and continue to reform the LA jails to promote humane  and effective alternatives to the current system.

Your financial gift advocates for those most vulnerable, in detention centers, prisons, and jails, and supports those excluded from federal relief aid.

Fabricio donates

In 2014, IM4HI accompanied Fabricio to free his wife from detention to be reunited with him and their baby. Fabricio has been a steady sustainer with a $25 monthly gift.
“Nothing will repay the love, care and encouragement, you and the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity gave to us. It is a blessing to give, so that you can continue to do this work for other families in our situation.”

Erik donates

Every Wednesday for several years now, Erik fasts from eating on Wednesdays as part of his spiritual practice to stay connected to those who experience hunger and those who hunger for justice. He takes the money we would have spent on meals and contributes $85 each month to IM4HI as a monthly sustainer.

Deb & Oscar donate

For years Deb and Oscar were part of the monthly vigils at West County Detention Facility, knowing firsthand the trauma caused by ICE. They are monthly $25 sustainers.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6.) To live with an unrelenting desire for justice and holiness!Interfaith Movement 4 Human Integrity is applying these words from the Beatitudes and impacting lives.”

Kathy donates

When shelter-in-place began, Professor Kathy Yep began offering a free healing online class in Qigong for anyone navigating a challenging situation, and contributing the donations she receives from the class to Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.
“IM4HI weaves compassion and social justice in their process AND in their goals. While they have a vision of social justice, they also practice what liberation feels like and looks like in the now. You can feel it!”

With deep gratitude to each of them — and to you.

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Thank you for standing up for the dignity and sacredness of all people.