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The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is part of the National Sanctuary Movement (hyperlink: that provides support and solidarity with immigrants, refugees, Muslims and others who could be threatened under the next administration.


We help congregations and individuals discern and find concrete ways to engage in sanctuary, a public, corporate commitment to walk alongside immigrants, mixed-status families and refugees to uphold dignity, due process and full acceptance into the life of our society through protection, support and advocacy.

What Does Sanctuary Look Like Today?


Here are 4 ways Congregations are demonstrating their commitment to Sanctuary.  Joining the Sanctuary Movement  and a local sanctuary network means collectively the network engages in the following activities:


Physical Sanctuary for someone facing Final Deportation:

  •        Discern if your congregation would be willing to offer Sanctuary for a person facing final deportation orders in a humanitarian emergency. Most often, these are people who have been long term residents, already have children, family and community ties to the area and have exhausted all other legal options to remain with their family here in the United States.
  •         By offering Sanctuary, your congregation is willing to offer physical sanctuary on religious property, as a way to protect them from the reach of ICE.  Your congregation would be supported by other congregations and community groups committing to be part of a local network of Sanctuary by assisting with hospitality, protection, and advocacy. 
  •        Congregations not able or ready to offer physical sanctuary can actively assist by providing hospitality, spiritual support and advocacy with the person in sanctuary.


Accompaniment of Immigrant Families or Youth:

Individuals and congregations can also provide accompaniment to  immigrants in urgent situations.  This can include newly arrived migrant families or youth, people facing a deportation crisis, those just released from detention centers, etc..  Trained volunteers can help to provide courtroom accompaniment, access to services, and concrete and emotional support and/or transitional housing to help those in a period of crisis.



  •         Advocate at the Local, State and National level for policies which protect the due process of immigrants and promote their full dignity and integration into our local communities.
  •         Advocating for policies which help to prevent mass deportation and fear by creating clear separation between ICE and local law enforcement and civic institutions, for example strong sanctuary city and county policies.
  •         Engage in local public actions and activities to shift public discourse towards immigrants, Muslims, and refugees, and bring attention to our responsibility to address root causes.



Networks of Protection & Rapid Response

  • Join a Rapid Response Network to respond to the human crises created by ICE workplace raids, home raids or other enforcement activity.
  •    Connect with targeted communities to help develop relationships and networks of protection.