Congregational Organizing

Leadership Development, Education, and Coalition-Building

Los Angeles

Our Justice Not Jails: First Thursdays program leads Faith-Rooted Organizing trainings in the Los Angeles area.

San Francisco Bay Area

We coordinate and support several networks of local faith communities engaged in immigrant justice. These networks plan events, actions and collective work.

  • East Bay Interfaith Immigration Coalition (EBIIC)
  • Multifaith Immigration Coalition for Action in Contra Costa County
  • San Francisco Interfaith Coalition on Immigration
  • Peninsula Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (PICI)

We are also available to provide

  • Presentations
  • Preaching
  • Educational Workshops
  • Latino Leadership Trainings

Inland Empire

We are available to conduct presentations and foster the leadership development of Spanish-speaking immigrant congregations on the following topics:

  • Immigration and how we can put our faith in action
  • Know Your Rights
  • Medical and Health Access
  • Driver license preparation
  • Worker’s rights
  • DACA
  • Immigration processes
  • Citizenship, Voting and the Democratic Process

We are also available to conduct educational presentations for a wide variety of congregations that help build understanding, partnership, solidarity and action between immigrants and non-immigrants, addressing the following topics:

  • Root Causes of Migration
  • Sanctuary Movement Today
  • Faith Communities Supporting Migrants Today
Photo of Panel Speakers
Across Bars and Borders Conference, April 2019 – Impacted Persons Panel