Congregational Organizing

Leadership Development & Education

We coordinate and support several networks of local faith communities engaged in immigrant justice. These networks plan events, actions and collective work.

  • East Bay Interfaith Immigration Coalition (EBIIC)
  • Multifaith Immigration Coalition for Action in Contra Costa County
  • San Francisco Interfaith Coalition on Immigration
  • Peninsula Interfaith Coalition on Immigration (PICI)

We are also available to provide

  • Presentations
  • Preaching
  • Educational Workshops
  • Latino Leadership Trainings

Inland Empire

We are available to conduct presentations and foster the leadership development of Spanish-speaking immigrant congregations on the following topics:

  • Immigration and how we can put our faith in action
  • Know Your Rights
  • Medical and Health Access
  • Driver license preparation
  • Worker’s rights
  • DACA
  • Immigration processes
  • Citizenship, Voting and the Democratic Process

We are also available to conduct educational presentations for a wide variety of congregations that help build understanding, partnership, solidarity and action between immigrants and non-immigrants, addressing the following topics:

  • Root Causes of Migration
  • Sanctuary Movement Today
  • Faith Communities Supporting Migrants Today