Love Over Fear

By supporting the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, you are growing a statewide faith-rooted organizing network that seeks to end detention, end mass incarceration, and engage people of faith to stand up against the biggest challenges of the day. You help restore dignity, honor all families, and welcome people home. We believe that love liberates, compassion heals, and community transforms. To support the tasks ahead in 2023, our goal is to raise $40,000 by December 31st, 2022. Thanks to two generous donors, we have matching gifts up to $10,000 so donate today to double the impact of your donation! 

Thank you for standing up for the dignity and sacredness of all people!

Thank you for choosing love!

Who We Are:

We are a statewide California organization that connects clergy and people of faith to the work of social justice. We work to make the criminal justice system more just, and the immigration system more fair and humane. In the last two years, we trained 2000 people of faith to take leadership roles, engaged 250 congregations and partner organizations, and reached more than 100,000 people with a message of hope, love and resilience.

We Support Immigrants:

We organize people of faith to protect the rights, dignity and well-being of immigrants. We help educate and guide people congregations to become sanctuary congregations who can accompany, shelter, and advocate for people threatened by deportation. We train teams of volunteers to support and accompany people who are in detention or who have to attend frightening immigration hearings or begin their life as newcomers to this country. We host prayer vigils at immigration detention centers to make visible the humanity of those detained. And we bring the voices of faith leaders – both lay and professional – immigrant and non-immigrant – to coalition efforts that advocate for fair and compassionate immigration policies. We promote and nurture the leadership of directly impacted immigrants and faith allies to stand up for human rights and the dignity of all people.

We Oppose Mass Incarceration:

We engage communities of faith to transform and dismantle the mass criminalization of people of color. Currently, the focus of our Mass Incarceration work is in Los Angeles, home to the world’s largest jail system.  Our Justice Not Jails program in Los Angeles works to divest resources from jails to investment in effective alternatives. We also promote greater accountability of law enforcement.

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Thank you for standing up for the dignity and sacredness of all people.