NEAT Introductory Materials

Thank you for your interest in partnering with us to accompany recently arrived immigrants in our NEAT program.  Deciding as a congregation to accompany a family is a discernment. We hope these materials are helpful in your decision-making progress. Please follow these steps to learn more and get started!

  1. Review the team requirements to learn about forming an accompaniment team.  
  2. Invite people from within your congregation to join the accompaniment team.  You can adapt and share this sample invitation if it’s helpful:
  3. Get trained!  All of our trainings are currently held online.  We ask people to get fully trained before committing to participate in NEAT.  Training topics include: 
  • Definition of Accompaniment
  • Outcomes of Accompaniment (transformative justice, etc.)
  • Methods of Accompaniment (self-awareness of privilege, etc.)
  • Centering Immigrant Newcomers
  • How to organize an Accompaniment Team
  • Trauma and Self-Care
  • Self-Sufficiency and the Team Toolkit

Contact our Nueva Esperanza Coordinator, Nadia Tavera with any questions or for more information.