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As people of faith, we offer ourselves to an ongoing effort at transforming unjust immigration and incarceration systems into a society that infuses life with blessings.

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The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity works to achieve an equitable, inclusive and healthy society, culture, and economy where the most vulnerable, disenfranchised and marginalized have equal opportunities and access to the resources and tools needed to achieve a dignified quality of life.




We envision a world where every human person is valued as sacred across all borders; geographic and those that divide us in our minds and hearts. We see humanity’s diversiy of race, language, class, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, and religion as our source of strength and beauty. We envision the elimination of institutional structures that diminish the wholeness and brilliance of each person and culture, so that all people can dream and live to their full potential. On that day, human integrity: the wholeness of each person and the oneness of humanity will be restored.


Our Approach

Our Approach

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity uses four approaches to address the root causes of migration and economic inequality. Through COMMUNITY ORGANIZING: civic engagement and public witness, we build confidence and power among people who have been rendered voiceless and disenfranchised from the political process. Through LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, we incorporate popular education, arts and culture, and healthy practices to support and strengthen leadership formation and capacity building among the most disenfranchised as well as inter-religious allies. Through STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION, we lift up the authentic voices of those left at the margins and seek to open hearts and minds toward solutions that afford all persons the tools and equal opportunities to live full and healthy lives. And through COALITION BUILDING, we increase our collective impact to achieve transformative social change.

Our Core Values:


*Pursue Justice and Equality*

We believe justice means fair treatment of every person, especially those who are most marginalized by social systems that prevent people from meeting their basic needs. We work to achieve equitable access to human needs and support opportunities to thrive.

*Embrace Inclusivity*

Our goal is to create a truly multi-faith, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and inter-generational movement. We honor the diversity of traditions in our communities, and we are committed to building bridges and creating common ground with all people who practice mutual respect and share a vision of a just world.

*Honor Holistic Approaches to Well-being*

We value the whole person and strive for balance and well being in ourselves and others. We promote the harmonious inter-connectivity of the human community and support the well-being of each person within the larger eco-system of humanity.

*Cherish Peacebuilding Traditions*

We are an intentionally, inter-religious faith-rooted community, guided by our diverse faith traditions to live peaceable, respectfully, nonviolently and lovingly with every human person, and in right relationship with nature.

*Uphold the Dignity and Sancity of Every Human Person*

We follow multiple faith tenets that honor human life as sacred, to be protected from harm, and nurtured to achieve our highest human potential.

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Pilgrimage to Encuentro at the Border

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Community Organizing and Training Session

Join us as we discuss meeting the needs of our community and the ways in which we can hold elected...
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