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Our 2023 End-Of-Year Newsletter

Read about IM4HI’s beloved community and this year’s accomplishments in our 2023 End-Of-Year Newsletter! (Download 15-page PDF)

As we approach the end of 2023, we reflect on a year filled with growth, collective action, and beloved community at Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.

We are a multiracial, multi-faith movement for justice, rooted in the 1990s dedicated to ensuring the well-being and sacredness of all. Focused on connecting spiritual people ans impacted leaders to the movements for immigrant justice, de-carceration, and thriving communities, we strive to uplift a liberating vision grounded in dignity and care. We do this through 4 main strategies: transforming narrative, transforming leadership, transforming policy and practice, and transforming our organization.

With your collaboration, together here are a few highlights of our accomplishments this year:

  • Assisted nearly 400 newly arrived migrants, asylum seekers and those impacted by detention and incarceration
  • Undertook three powerful pilgrimages, transcending borders and barriers. From the Mexicali/Calexico border, to the historic Black town of Allensworth, and our second statewide witness to detention centers through Bakersfield, Adelanto, Calexico and San Diego.
  • Initiating a Leadership Summer Training which was bilingual, multi-racial and multigenerational
  • Completing our second cohort of Faith Advocates, five grassroots immigrant and formerly incarcerated individuals who learned skills of advocacy and organizing
  • Ending immigration detention at the Yuba County Detention Facility through a multiyear organizing campaign in broad coalition with others.
  • Impactful advocacy engaging hundreds of people across California, opposing Title 42, and supporting the HOME Act, a solidarity fast in support of hunger strikers inside ICE detention, and emphasizing our commitment to dismantling oppressive systems and advocating for the dignity and sacredness of all people.

Please read more as we recount the stories of impact, advocacy, and transformation. We thank you for your continued support and engagement, which has made these accomplishments possible in our ongoing journey toward justice and compassion.