September 21: Strength From the Roots Project

Strength from the Roots Participants:

Thank you for an exciting and engaging evening this past Tuesday as we launched our Strength from the Roots project. We hope you found the course of value. Next week, Mr. Francisco Herrera will continue the process of storytelling, listening, singing, and sharing. You will begin to write your own stories in poetry or narrative.

In the coming weeks, the course will be led by Mr. E.W. Wainwright who will present innovative techniques to use your voice and create rhythmic expressions. You will explore the power of self awareness and social conscience. Mr. Tamaka Bailey will share his Native American tradition of storytelling mixed with the surprise of magic. The course will conclude with a series of rehearsals led by Mr. Vince Gomez, maestro, who will combine your voices to form a choral group along with individual soloists in preparation for an end of the term concert. Ms. Ellen Hoffman also is working with us to transform your poetry and writings into songs. Some of your original work will become music that will be included in the concert.

We hope you will complete the course and participate in the concerts in December. Every week the project will advance to new levels of engagement and discovery of your story. Strength from the Roots is a fun way to learn about yourself and other people. Our goal is to create a network of individuals who will take this experience and apply it to their lives. We want to help build confidence, courage, and power to advance a more humane society.

Strength from the Roots is a very simple process that has proven effective in building community. The course continues next Tuesday at 6:00 pm in Room 451 (fourth floor) of Berkeley City College. Please return and invite others to come with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

We are very happy you joined the program.


Tuesday (September 26), will feature E.W. Wainwright, master ethnomusicologist and creator of the landmark album The African Roots of Jazz.

To register for the event, please visit here.

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