Interfaith Prayer Vigils

Interfaith Vigil on May 8, 2020: The Witness of San Romero and the Courage of Mothers

“Join us as we stand with those directly impacted by unjust systems: mass incarceration, U.S. immigration systems and laws, and aspects of U.S. foreign policy that damage people’s lives. Together we will respond: inspire and be inspired to action, pray, support and be supported, and honor all of humanity.”
This month, St. Ignatius, St. Agnes, and St. John of God Catholic Churches joined us to co-host our monthly interfaith vigil honoring San Oscar Romero, featuring the music of Francisco Herrera.
We celebrated Romero, Salvadoran prophet and saint, and considered how his accompaniment for the mothers of the disappeared connects to our present environment. What is Romero’s prophetic call for our times?