San Francisco Examiner: “Giving immigrants a second chance after incarceration”

Legislation would allow some faced with deportation a chance to challenge their old convictions

Charles Joseph, IM4HI Spiritual Activist in Residence, 2021

After serving 12 years in prison for a robbery he committed as a 22-year-old, Charles Joseph was ready to be with his wife and three children. Instead, Immigration and Customs Enforcement immediately took the Fiji native into custody in May 2019.

Assembly Bill 1259 would … allow noncitizens to challenge old convictions by jury trial when the defendant was unaware that the consequences could later lead to detention and deportation.

Joseph now does work for the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity and teaches music, a lifelong love of his. Whether he gets to pursue those passions and remain with his children remains to be seen.

IDA MOJADAD, San Francisco Examiner, Mar. 3, 2021

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