Letter to the Jewish Caucus Concerning the VISION Act

Op-Ed in the Jewish Journal

by Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb
Board Chair of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity
Berkeley, California

Dear Assemblymembers Jesse Gabriel, Chair of the Jewish Caucus, and all members of the Jewish Caucus,

Next week, the Members of the California Assembly will have the opportunity to vote on a vital piece of legislation called the VISION Act, AB 937 by Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo.

I am one of dozens of Rabbis across the state who have been advocating strongly for this bill, as part of a broad coalition of more than 90 organizations. And I am hopeful that our legislators, including members of the Jewish Caucus, will embrace the VISION Act when it comes up for a vote.

At its essence, the VISION Act is about living up to the sacred standard of equal treatment under the law. Is this not the very heart of Jewish justice?

Yet under the state of California’s current policy, when an immigrant completes their sentence and has done everything…

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