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Youth Voices Say: Stop ICE Transfers

Change will happen when everyone is aware of the injustice that exists within our immigrant communities and families. We have so much power, more than we even know. We can and will help change this country’s immigration system. We the youth are the future. We must stand together to help keep our families and communities together.

-Hulissa Aguilar, IM4HI Summer Youth Intern 2021

IM4HI walks alongside immigrants as they bravely navigate this country’s inhumane policies and practices. It is particularly challenging for those who have to navigate both systems of incarceration and immigrant detention, and the ongoing collaboration between.  

Children and youth are especially impacted. Not only are they harmed by the prolonged separation from their parents, the years of emotional toil as they navigate the confusing immigration system, and also the uncertainty that this tumultuous journey will never end. Stable environments are critical so that children can learn and grow.  The immigration and incarceration systems in this country do not take into consideration the devastating and traumatic impact on the youth and children of those they detain.

Youth are not passive victims of the immigration system but they are also agents of change.  Youth are stepping up and fighting back to create their own vision for justice and freedom.

With the leadership of our 2021 Summer Youth Intern, Hulissa Aguilar, beginning with her own journey advocating for her father after he was transferred into ICE custody, the youth voice is finally being heard. 

Hulissa Aguilar is joined by other youth outside of Senator Harris’ office calling for an end to family separation, during a foot washing ritual led by IM4HI, April 2018.

Youth are advocating to ensure their beloved fathers, mothers, and loved ones, can come home to their family and community, after earning release from prison and jail:  something that Hulissa’s father Hugo, was not able to experience.  The VISION Act (AB 937) authored by Assembly member Wendy Carillo and co-authored by 25 other State Assembly members and senators, is a bold, visionary policy that is on the brink of passing through the State Senate, and then on to Governor Newsom’s desk.

Add your voice to the voices of youth calling for the passage of the VISION Act and support their actions for freedom and wholeness for their families.

  • Watch and Retweet the Youth Video here.  We need State Senator Portantino, the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to hear the youth voice who are calling to stop ICE transfers.  

Youth have a stake in the future of our immigration system. They are some of the most harshly impacted and are also one of the most powerful voices for change.

 Together, with us, you can help amplify their voice and witness their journey.  

–Galatea King and Hulissa Aguilar