Marin Interfaith Council: Emerging Visionaries

The Marin Interfaith Council 17th annual Emerging Visionaries event took place Tuesday, Novemeber 1, 2022 at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Tiburon.

Each year at this event, through storytelling, sharing emerging perspectives and timeless wisdom, faith and community leaders inspire attendees to see and enact their own vision for shifting the current reality toward a world where everyone thrives and is welcome.

This year, Emerging Visionaries: Faith in Action focused on how our spiritual roots nourish, guide and inspire us to engage issues of justice, inclusion, service, and peacemaking in our community and world. The speakers were Rev. Deborah Lee, Executive Director of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity and Elaine Tokalahi, Director of Volunteer Services at Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership, MarinHealth Health Board Member, and Member of The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of San Rafael.

Rev. Deborah Lee:

Rev. Deborah Lee is the Executive Director of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. Rev. Lee has worked at the intersection of faith and social justice for over 25 years in popular education, community organizing and advocacy connecting issues of race, gender, economic justice, antimilitarism, LGBTQ inclusion and immigrant rights. She has consistently sought to strengthen the voice and role of faith communities in today’s social movements.

Elaine Tokolahi:

Elaine is a humble Baha’i who resides in San Rafael. She dedicates her career and her personal life to the betterment of humanity. For the past five years, Elaine has served as the Director of Volunteer Services at the Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership where she gets to lead a team of amazing changemakers whose lives are also dedicated to service.