2023 Pilgrimage to HEAL Our Communities

October 26th – October 29th, 2023

The 2023 Pilgrimage to Heal Our Communities is an interfaith, spiritual pilgrimage to Bakersfield, Adelanto, Calexico, and San Diego as part of a multi-year effort to transform the six remaining immigrant detention centers into thriving communities with a priority on well-being and life-sustaining economies.   Our journey will inform California communities, elected officials and impacted families about a new opportunity to access funds from recent CA legislation, Healthy Economies Adapting to Last (HEAL), that the Dignity Not Detention (DND) Coalition won in 2023. HEAL divests in detention centers and invests in high road jobs and building a sustainable economy.

During this pilgrimage we will bear witness to the sacredness of the land, the ancestors, and the preventable harm and suffering caused by immigrant detention in California. We will gather in reflection, prayer and action at six immigrant detention centers,  other carceral institutions and meet with local organizers along the way. We will reflect on the impacts of settler colonialism on Indigenous peoples, the land, and the waters of California, and how this has paved the way for a carceral state that can and must be transformed.

The Pilgrimage is organized by the Interfaith Movement For Human Integrity, the Dignity Not Detention coalition, local community organizations, and the co-collaboration of each participant who joins us. We are inviting directly impacted community members, faith leaders, and organizational  partners to gather together to undertake this journey. 

Join Us!

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