Just Closures: Releases Not Transfers

Please join Detention Watch Network for “Just Closures: Releases Not Transfers” webinar. During this one hour webinar, learn from attorneys and organizers on how to demand and push for releases not transfers as we continue to build the movement to shut down immigration detention centers. Speakers will also highlight pitfalls from shutdown fights and the need to coordinate and collaborate among directly impacted community members, organizers, advocates, and attorneys.

Our featured speakers include:

  • Alina Das, Co-Director of Immigrant Rights Clinic at New York University of Law
  • Liz Hercules-Paez, Staff Attorney of Public Counsel
  • Reverend Deborah Lee, Executive Director of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Únase a DWN para el seminario web “Cierres Justos: Liberaciones No Traslados”. Durante este seminario web de una hora, aprenda de abogadxs y organizadorxs sobre cómo exigir y presionar por liberaciones, no traslados, mientras continuamos construyendo el movimiento para cerrar los centros de detención de inmigrantes. Lxs presentadorxs también destacarán las trabas de las peleas de cierre y la necesidad de coordinar y colaborar entre miembrxs de la comunidad directamente afectadxs, organizadorxs, defensorxs y abogadxs.

Nuestrxs presentadores incluyen:
-Alina Das, Co-Directora de la Clinica de Derechos Humanos en New York University of Law
-Liz Hercules-Paez, Abogada de Public Counsel
-Reverenda Deborah Lee, Directora Ejecutiva de Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity


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Our Vision for Immigration Reform in 2021

  1. Citizenship for Eleven Million.  That includes all eleven million, and is without exclusions of those who may have been deported and reentered, or those with past convictions or other bases of exclusion; but expresses values of family unity, belonging, and redemption.
  2. Community, not Cages. 
    1. Close immigration detention centers, both private and public, starting with the #First10, including Adelanto and Mesa Verde in CA, family detention, and several southern detention facilities.  
    2. Recognize rights of asylum seekers, families and children. Create a robust reentry program (not housed under ICE and DHS) of support and care, not detention.  We have the resources to recreate a new approach.
    3. Promote alternative strategies to large immigrant children’s shelters and facilities.
    4. Drastically reduce spending on militarization of the border, deportations and enforcement. Redirect to community needs.
  3. Root Causes. A critical look at root causes, such as the failed neoliberal economic model, failure to respect indigenous rights, and significant role of US weapons and militarization. (See the eight-page 2019 Honduras Root Causes report, with policy recommendations, created by IM4HI, SHARE, Sisters of Mercy, LCWR. PDF here. )