CLUE CA Announces New Name and Structure

CLUE CA Announces New Name and Structure

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

“Every Human Person Is Sacred Across All Borders”


After a year-long discernment process, CLUE CA has changed its name and structure. Our new name is Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.   We will continue with the same staff in our current program areas, including immigrant rights, health and wellness, and leadership development with an aim to “engage the religious community in issues of human rights, social and economic justice based on our diverse faith traditions, and offer leadership through our congregations and communities to achieve a more just society.” [1]


We recognize our new name may require some explanation. We selected this language very intentionally because it captures a strategic direction that we believe is needed for transformative change in this country. Our name change and new structure reflect the core value that undergirds our work – to galvanize faith communities to action around the principle that all human life “is sacred across all borders.” In future years, we imagine “human integrity” as a concept and value as familiar in our sector as health and justice.



This change represents a positive and streamlined expression of our historical work that also led to a few key decisions for our future. Structurally, we are no longer the hub for a federation of six independent affiliates (CLUE-LA, EBASE, Working Partnerships, Interfaith Center for Worker Justice – San Diego, Pueblo de Fe Unido Para Justicia Para Los Trabajadores – Inland Valleys, and CLUE – Orange County). We are still allies and supporters of our former affiliates, but we agreed to make a clear delineation in our areas of work.  Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity  will not play a leadership role in worker activities as previously conducted in conjunction with the CLUE CA federation.


Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity will focus on issues and aspects of life that promote the oneness of humanity and the wholeness of every human person. Much of nonprofit work today is performed in silos. Our communities and work are segregated by race, ethnicity, religion, issue, and other categories.



In order to solve the fundamental challenges of immigrant integration, healthy communities, and economic, racial, and social justice, we must adopt a new frame rooted in the fundamental connections and oneness of people across these categories and across all borders: racially, economically, and geographically.


Moving forward, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity will make a unique contribution to the broader immigrant rights and economic/racial/social justice movements by leading in California efforts that are rooted in a transnational and global perspective, while building relationships and coordinating strategies with global movements and organizations to protect individuals and families. As a result, we will see families and individuals living without fear and being recognized for their positive, productive contributions to improve the quality of life for themselves, their neighbors, and our society.


Our current staff works as a unified organization in three geographic areas of California: Inland Valleys (Riverside and San Bernardino counties), Los Angeles County, and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties).


We will continue our programmatic work, including:
Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights

We work with religious leaders from diverse faith traditions to call together people of faith to promote the rights, fair treatment, and dignity of all immigrants, regardless of their immigration status. This encompasses Immigration Justice Advocacy, Accompaniment, Connection, Empowerment, and Immigrant Integration.
Community Wellness and Faith, Fellowship, and Fitness
We work with faith and community leaders to improve conditions that can help to reduce health disparities among highly at-risk populations. This includes providing physical activities and nutrition education, fitness training, and promoting workplace health and safety.


Leadership Development

We work to promote a new equitable economy rooted in our deepest faith commitments, where values influence policy and collaborative friendships are built to take concrete actions leading to change. We develop grassroots and faith leadership through travel and events, such as exhibits, workshops and “word-shops” to instill and inspire new understandings about systems, structures, practices and policies that affect quality of life. This includes Art and Cultural Expression, Civic Engagement, and Economic Literacy and Justice Training.


We tested our new name with numerous people, including communication coaches at Spitfire Strategies in Washington, DC; community leaders (East Los Angeles Community Corporation, Justice Not Jails, and California Calls); educators (at California State University at Northridge, University of Southern California, and Occidental College); and, funding partners (Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock, Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr Fund, Walter and Elise Haas Sr. Fund, San Francisco Foundation, Y&H Soda Foundation, and The California Endowment). Our board and staff collaborated to select our name through a day-long strategic planning session, electronic exchanges, and a formal vote to adopt it during a scheduled board meeting.


This organizational transition is being supported by the Flexible Leadership Awards (FLA) of the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund over the next three years. This support will help us strengthen our organization, achieve even greater clarity on our unique niche, and complete a successful transition.


We have received approval from the California Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service to retain our Tax Exempt Status as a nonprofit organization with our same 501(c) 3 federal Tax Identification Number, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws – as Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity.


IM4HumanIntegrity is grateful to you and all of our partners for your continuing support that has led us to achieve this milestone. We invite you to accompany us on our next steps by reaching out to our Senior Staff: Executive Director Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs and Senior Program Director Rev. Deborah Lee.


You can follow the ongoing engagement of our work at:,, and our website:

[1] Founding Document of CLUE CA 2005

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