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Faith-Rooted Organizing – Feb 2022 Training

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IM4HI is co-sponsoring a 6-Week Faith-Rooted Organizing Training on the methodology that we use in our work. IM4HI director Rev. Deborah Lee will be co-teaching it with longtime activist and organizer, Rev. Sandhya Jha.

The Faith-Rooted Organizing course starts on Monday, February 21 at 5pm pacific, and each session is 90 minutes, for six weeks. HOWEVER, you can also do it at your own pace and watch the recordings. for people who prefer to engage the material on their own schedule, which also works.

You ARE the Person Your Community Needs

Harness the Power of your Faith, Culture, and Experience

YOU are the most powerful resource your community has. We know that people in faith communities can make a gigantic difference and usher in justice in small and big ways.

Join Faith-Rooted Organizing with Sandhya and Deb, who have been building campaigns with communities of faith for decades. In this course, you’ll select the issue that is most important to YOUR heart. You’ll discover how to effectively mobilize your faith community and create justice that lasts.


Video – Hilda and Misael speak

Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, Summer Public Witness is a gathering of prayer and reflection that brings attention to the troubles in our time.  In this event, co-hosted by Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity’s Hilda Cruz, Misael tells his story, giving witness to the challenges minors face once they arrive in the U.S. (July 8, 2021)


Ambassadors Program 2018

Ambassadors are a team of immigrant community members who speak in congregations to shape and humanize the immigrant narrative through storytelling. Ambassadors share their social biography, a political framework that situates one’s story in a social context. Social biographies position ambassadors as protagonists in their own story while educating and activating faith communities to take a next step in transformative justice in our immigration and criminal legal systems.

Sanctuary Dialogues: Migrant Voices in the Pulpit/Bimah/Minbar/Sangha

Sanctuary Dialogues: Migrant Voices in the Pulpit/Bimah/Minbar/Sangha, positions ambassadors [see above] to share their stories in congregations whether it is at the pulpit (churches), bimah (synagogues), minbar (mosques), or sanghas (temples). As a commitment to uphold the dignity and sanctity of every human person, ambassadors speak to congregations’ faith values that broaden and humanize the immigrant experience. In light of Sanctuary Movement by people of faith, this program is an important and enriching opportunity for congregations to hear from those directly impacted by today’s immigration policies, become involved in immigrant justice as faith communities, and to affirm the power of migrant voices in our city and within our congregations.


To broaden and humanize the narrative around immigrants, especially those most vulnerable and/or targeted for deportation – immigrants with former convictions, LGBTQIA+ immigrants, Black, and/or Muslim immigrants

To support congregations taking a next step in solidarity with immigrant communities

To support congregations in their discernment toward becoming a sanctuary congregation

For congregations with majority immigrant members, to connect members to resources, organizations and communities with immigration services, and to develop resources to engage members’ migration stories as they take a next step in solidarity with other immigrant communities today

Learn more here: FAQ: Sanctuary Dialogues: Migrant Voices in the Pulpit/Bimah/Minbar/Sangha

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