Strength From the Roots Summer Concert

“We have to do something together so we can identify with each other.”


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Strength From the Roots/ Fuerza de La Raiz concert. For the past two years, our team of cultural artist has worked with local congregations, community groups and organizations to increase awareness about the value of telling stories of life journeys and sharing them with others. Through a process of introducing social justice movements from across the United States and other nations, participants learned about the history of social change and ways people committed themselves to making the world better by improving life conditions for the most vulnerable.

Strength from the Roots introduces participants to stories and music of global movements. With that background participants in the project were encouraged to write their own stories through original poems, songs and narratives. During the past two years we have learned how effective and powerful this process can be to make real change.

We are thankful to those who have helped bring the vision of this program to fruition, including Mr. Francisco Herrera, Ms. Christina Perez, Mr. Hipolito Puentes, Ms. Maria Puentes, Mr. Moises Escalante, Maestro Vince Gomez, and all of our participants. We are also very thankful to Antonio and Luz Maria Ayala and TODEC for providing hospitality and a safe space for participants to convene and rehearse. This project has been made possible by a generous grant from James R. Irvine Foundation.

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