IM4HI stands in solidarity with students at Occidental College


Students at Eagle Rock’s Occidental College rallied on the stairs just outside Arthur G. Coons Administrative Center on Monday afternoon. This action is one of many that have come out of the students disapproval with the way University President has handled issues of racism, minority exclusion,lack of funding for ethnic programming and issues of rape.

The students presented the administration with their list of 14 demands which include  the creation of a black studies major, an increase in funding for minority student groups and more diversity training for faculty and students. Following their rally the students took occupancy in the administration building and plan to stay their Friday November 20th. By, that time they hope to have their demands met or they will require the University President to step down.

The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity stands with these students in their fight. These Students  have made a decision to center Black Liberation and to demand that “black students thrive and not merely survive.”




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