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Dear friends in faith,
As some traditions are preparing for Lent, we are promoting book discussion groups on the root causes of migration to the U.S. For this year, we are focusing on bananas as an example of transnational corporations that are a root cause of migration to the US.

We invite you (regardless of your faith tradition) to a period of 40 days to learn and read about the banana industry and the export economies of the “banana republics” contribute to root causes of migration from Central America. We also invite you to fast from bananas in this period of time, as a spiritual practice of solidarity with people affected by the banana industry.

Last summer, 16 faith leaders, including Rev. Deborah, went to Guatemala and Honduras to investigate the root causes of migration. One of the causes that kept popping up in people’s responses were the bananas plantations, and how much land was used to feed the U.S. instead of their own countries.


You Can Take These 2 Steps to Participate!
1. Read one of this 3 books individually or with your congregation:

We encourage you to support your local bookstore by buying one of these books (or all 3!) and read it individually or in a group setting, to learn and discuss the influence banana transnational corporations have on Central America. You could meet weekly to discuss the books, or at the frequency of your convenience.
2. Abstain from eating bananas for 40 days! 
Let us know that you are taking the challenge by signing up here!
We have prepared a flyer that you can use to promote the banana challenge. You can access it by clicking here.
We hope you can join us during this season as we learn and practice solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Latin America!

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