Justice Not Jails (JNJ) Updates

Justice Not Jails coordinator Rev. Dr. Larry Foy receives Community Award

On April 7, 2019 Rev. Dr. Larry Foy was recognized by AGAPE and Common Peace Center for the Advancement of Nonviolence “for being a place of Peace and standing for the principles of Nonviolence in our community.”

Words of Reflection from Dr. Foy

“I am personally invested in this work because I have a brother serving a life sentence without parole, commonly referred to as the “other death sentence.”

Life Without Parole, in a broader, sense is tantamount to imputing death to a web of relationships.

It is death to redemption and atonement.

Personally, I have died a thousand deaths, in the wake of my brother’s incarceration and in view of a penal system that extols cruelty and the dehumanization of persons under criminal conviction.

The faith-rooted community must join forces with directly impacted persons in  helping to create a new paradigm and new alternatives to incarceration and the building of new jails and prisons.

The faith community must take concrete steps to atone for the tolerance and perpetuation of White supremacy.”

Congratulations, Dr. Foy on this recognition!