Faith-Rooted Organizing for Liberation: Webinar Series

In our vision of a world without bars and borders, the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity continues to work at the intersection of immigration detention and mass incarceration. In 2020 we are focusing on three statewide campaigns, and we invite all faith communities across California to join us!

In Spring 2020 we hosted a series of webinars on our faith-rooted organizing methodology, and how we apply it to our three statewide campaigns:

  • January 28 – Ban private prisons in California (AB32 campaign)
  • April 24 – Stop the Collaboration Between ICE and Our Prisons and Jails (VISION Act, AB 2596)
  • May 15 – End Private Prisons in California (AB 32 Implementation)
  • May 29 – Ending “Life Without Parole”

Webinar slides and recordings are below.

May 29: Faith-Rooted Organizing to End “Life Without Parole”

What is the theological meaning of with Life Without Parole?
In this webinar, we will uplift stories from people formerly incarcerated who will share their experience of being sentenced with Life Without Parole, how they survived and how faith helped sustain them. We will also hear reflections from faith leaders on why Life Without Parole must end from an interfaith and moral perspective.
Join us in learning how faith can help shift the narrative of Life Without Parole.
We will be joined by our partner organization, FUEL, Families United to End Life Without Parole.

May 29: Faith-Rooted Organizing to End “Life Without Parole”

May 15: Faith-Rooted Organizing and the Decarceration Movement

How do we implement laws to close private prisons and immigration detention in CA? The faith community has urgently advocated for the liberation of people from prison and immigration detention centers. When we battle against the giant systems of criminal justice, ICE, and private-prison industries, where do we find hope when we experience fatigue? Learn about the role of faith communities in re-imagining organizing.

May 15: Faith-Rooted Organizing and the Decarceration Movement

Apr 24: Faith-Rooted Organizing to Stop the Collaboration between ICE and Prisons

View the webinar recording about the VISION Act (AB 2596 – Bonta) below. View the webinar slides here, and the fact sheet here.

Jan 28: Faith-Rooted Organizing to Ban Privately-Owned Prisons

View the January 28 webinar recording about the AB32 campaign below, and the January 28 webinar slides online here.