Interfaith Prayer Vigils Updates

May 28: Public Memorial Honoring Mr. Ahn & Holding ICE accountable

“Mr. Ahn would wake up early every morning and watch the news. Whenever I go by his bunk area he would give me pastries and snacks. And when I see him or call out to him, he would give me the peace sign. Being one of the few who was exempt from the hunger strike, Mr Ahn still wanted to participate and refused to go to “chow”. This is why ICE is cold and heartless. Mr. Ahn should have been on top of their list for release.”
–Charles Joseph, friend who was formerly detained with Mr. Ahn at Mesa Verde

On Thursday, May 28th at noon, faith leaders and community groups held a public memorial in front of the SF ICE building to hold ICE responsible for the death of Choung Woong Ahn, a 74 year-old man who died in ICE custody at the Mesa Verde Detention Facility.

Mr. Ahn had been held at Mesa Verde since February and suffered from diabetes, hypertension and heart & respiratory conditions. His case was a clear example of a medically vulnerable individual who was denied their right to life by ICE and GEO. The preliminary cause of death was suicide, though the case is currently under investigation by ICE. 

ICE refused to release Mr. Ahn, based on prior convictions, even though Mr. Ahn had already earned early release. Faith leaders and community groups are demanding that ICE and GEO which operates Mesa Verde, be held accountable for the death of Mr. Ahn, and that ICE release more people before other deaths occur.

Join us to honor the life of Mr. Ahn and the values of Redemption, Restoration and Release. Help us uplift the need to #FreeThemAll in order to save thousands of lives at risk in detention.