Immigration is a Black Issue: Justice Not Jails event October 7, 2021

Join Justice Not Jails First Thursday’s for
Thursday, October 7 | 6:30-8:00PM
Rev. Kelvin Sauls, Prophetic Leader, former Pastor of Holman UMC and co-founder and Board Chair Emeritus of Black Alliance for Just Immigration
Maraky Alemseged, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Mutual Aid Associate
Join us and our special guests as we discuss the struggles of Black immigrants and how racialized U.S. immigration policies result in immigrants of African descent being systematically precluded from entering the U.S., and upon entry, they are disproportionately detained and deported by ICE.

Also, learn how you and your faith community can get involved to demand the fair treatment of immigrants of color and put pressure on the U.S. government to end its racialization and criminalization of Black immigrants. 

JNJ Agenda
Spiritual Centering: Welcoming the Stranger
IM4HI-Values and Mission
Shared Stories from immigrants
Real Talk with Rev. Kelvin Sauls and Maraky Alemseged
Q & A
Call to Action