Strengthen the Safety Net

Donate to the IM4HI Migrant & Prisoner Emergency Support Fund

Over the past five years, individuals like you have donated over $30,000 through our  Migrant & Prisoner Emergency Support Fund. This fund covers emergencies when immigrants we accompany have no safety net. In this time of Shelter-in-Place, Jorge*, his wife Celeste*, and their niece Suni* are all out of work. They all already worked paycheck to paycheck– Jorge in construction, Celeste with a restaurant night shift, and Suni cleaning houses.  This immigrant family, like others, now have no way to earn an income, and no safety net to support their daily expenses and bills. Even before the crisis, they and other families we accompany could not qualify most government resources, and they likely won’t qualify for any relief package that is to come. 

We care about them–they are valuable and worthy of relief. Our human connection and real provision through the Migrant & Prisoner Emergency Support Fund could be the lifeline they are looking for. You can be in solidarity with them by donating to the  Migrant & Prisoner Emergency Support Fund.

Our Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams are part of the safety net for families like Jorge, Celeste, and Suni. The accompaniment teams empower families to be self-sufficient in looking for resources in the local community, and can also fundraise through own congregation for emergencies.  Still, it is hard to cover so many expenses. Thankfully, our Migrant & Prisoner Emergency Support Fund can supplement these efforts to provide a safety net.  Thank you for all the ways you are supporting our most vulnerable in our communities and take care of them during this difficult time!

Questions? Please contact Kelly Younger, Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Program Coordinator at