Reparations: More Than A Check

Justice Not Jails First Thursdays presents

Reparations: More Than A Check

IM4HI and our special guests from Grassroots Reparations Campaign discuss the Reparations movement in the United States. The time is now for people who have benefited and continue to benefit from the blood, sweat, and tears, and free labor of enslaved people to atone for these past and enduring harms.

Learn how you and your faith community can take practical steps and embody tools to model reparative justice as a praxis in your congregation or faith group and to engage wider communities in learning about concrete ways to make Reparations owed to African-Americans a fulfilled promise.


  • Welcome & Centering
  • IM4HI-Values and Mission
  • Framing the Issue: Mr. Rod Wright & Rev. Larry Foy
  • Modeling Reparative Justice As Spiritual Practice: Ms. Donna Perkins
  • Dr. David Ragland, “Reparations is More than Writing a Check”
  • Call to Action