NEAT Intern! 2023

Marianas Fernandez

As a Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team intern for IM4HI, Marianas Fernandez works on case management for asylum seekers by connecting them to local community resources in the education, health, transportation, and legal fields. She 

A Bay Area native, Marianas Fernandez grew up amongst people of different backgrounds and speaking different languages. Her name, ‘Marianas,’ derives from the group of islands of which Guam is a part. She has strong CHamoru and Filipino roots. As a minority woman, she strongly advocates for equity, diversity, and sharing of cultures. 

She currently attends the University of California at Santa Cruz, pursuing a double major in Legal Studies and Sociology, with a concentration in Global Information and Social Enterprise Studies. The people she has met at IM4HI have further pushed her toward pursuing a law profession, where she is thinking about becoming an immigration lawyer or public defender. 

Marianas enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with her 6 little siblings, reading, and journaling when she is not working or studying.