Economic Justice and Financial Literacy: Voices on Poverty Series

Voices on Poverty: A Series of Trainings on Poverty and the Economy

Multi-faith ACTION Coalition of Contra Costa County


This training series helps make clear what’s broken in our economy and what Contra Costa faith communities are doing and can do to make it right.

A faith-rooted vision of our economy is one where values influence policy and collaborative relationships lead to real change regarding the root causes of poverty in our County. This training is provided in partnership with Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE-CA) and the FAITHS Program of the San Francisco Foundation.

Participants leave each session equipped with tools to converse, engage and organize as spiritual leaders to deepen the impact of Multi-faith ACTION Coalition’s work (including the focus areas of the task forces). They will also gain a deeper understanding of the religious principles of fairness, equity, sustainability, opportunity, and justice in the economy.

Delve into the following subjects:

* How does our economy reflect our faith values … and how could it?
* Navigate social services and barriers to success in a Poverty Simulation
* What are the intersections of Jobs, Housing, Wages, and our faith traditions?
* What does it look like to approach the budget as a moral document?
* How do we shift the economy and policies of our county to reflect our faith values about human dignity, equity, and basic needs?

If you are interested in participating this in this training or if you would like this training to be held at your faith institution please email

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