Reportback from the Root Causes Pilgrimage

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We hear about the influx migrants and refugees and their movement all over the world, from unaccompanied Central American children and families coming to the U.S. in 2014 and now those fleeing from Syria. Some of us identify closely to these stories, some of us more distant.

Many see migrants and refugees as problems to be solved, redirected, or worse. How do we humanize their experiences and bring to light their stories of movement? What are the root causes and our co-responsibility? How do we recognize the migrant spirit in each of us?

16 delegates journeyed together to ask these questions with mothers, non-profits, faith, and other grassroots organizations in Honduras and Guatemala. We were moved, touch, and desire to carry what we learned to a broader audience.



Join Root Causes delegates as we honor stories from our Guatemalan and Honduran brothers and sisters:

  • Listen to the recommendations and proposals coming out of Central America for addressing the root causes of migration, unaccompanied children, poverty, and violence.
  • Grow in awareness of U.S. involvement and responsibility in migration.
  • Engage in next steps of policy advocacy and education that addresses root causes of Central American migration and calls for the protection of migrants.

Get a preview through our blog.

If you are interested in hosting a report back in your area or if you are interested in attending on of our upcoming report backs email:


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