#PrayingforNewsom 10/6 Day of Action!

Since the start of the pandemic, the faith community has joined the broader movement to demand Gov Newsom stop ICE transfers and release more people! On Aug 28th, we submitted a letter signed by 600 faith organizers and 53 organizations demanding Gov Newsome use his executive authority to end ICE transfers.

Unfortunately, Gov Newsom’s office has been silent on this issue. When a reporter posed a question about transferring freed prisoners into ICE custody, this was his response: “It’s been done, historically. It’s been past precedent in previous administrations. We maintain it as the appropriate course for our administration.” You can see his response here (question begins at 53:36). This is unacceptable.

In response, we are calling on all sanctuary congregations and faith communities to join on 10/6/2020 the #FreeThemAll Banner Drop Statewide Day of Action. Essentially, gather 3-4 people from your community to create and hang a banner in front of your congregation, or at a nearby prominent location on Oct 6. Here’s the toolkit so you can read more about what this initiative entails:

We’ve brainstormed a few faith messages for the banner. Please include your congregation name or logo.

  • Let Our People Go! #PrayingforNewsom 
  • Release, Not Transfers! #PrayingforNewsom
  • Reunite Families! #PrayingforNewsom
  • Clemencies Now! #PrayingforNewsom
  • Communities Not Cages #PrayingforNewsom

We would love to have every sanctuary congregation and faith community put up a banner as a part of this action! If you can join this action, please RSVP directly here so the organizers have an estimate on how many groups are participating, and let me know as well, We will follow up with you to help coordinate our faith communities.